It has to happen before we all get cancelled.

Wtf. SERIOUSLY, What the actual fuck?!


Upon my silence on this platform that’s the phrase that keeps playing out in my mind.


Every time I...

🇺🇸turn on the news

🇺🇸open social media

🇺🇸chat with someone with opposing views

🇺🇸go to the store

🇺🇸walk down the street

🇺🇸listen to people who’s job it is to give us accurate information


The truth is, everything now is opinion.

Reporting is dead.

The truth is buried between propaganda and ignorance.


For the last 40ish years there has been an attack on the American Dream.


It’s a fact. The American people have been slowly brainwashed from a 4 step system to insert Marxism.


We can deny it all we want. But the facts are there. It’s glaring and we are currently watching it play out.


Please ask yourself...

1. Do you consume only one view point?

2. Do you believe one view point is the only one you can consume?

3. Do you listen?

4. Are you willing to admit you’re wrong?

5. Can you agree to disagree without holding distain for another opinion?

6. Do you watch whole speeches?

7. Do you watch the senate debates and hearing as a whole?

8. Do you read actual policy?

9. Do you use logic or emotion to drive your decision?

10. Are you able to have a healthy debate without name calling?


MLK is a perfect example of someone who was a socialist, but used his influence to unite. He didn’t use it to divide.


Do we honestly think he’d be happy with erasing history? Rioting? Using our voices for hate?


No. This is a time for unity.


I am personally disappointed in today’s logic and hope to do my part to unite.



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